Yalortism is one of the main religions in the Astrostles Galaxy. Its deity, YALORT, is the creator of many galaxies around the universe, as well as many races, both living and extinct, such as the lingons and the humans. Followers of this religion are known as Yalortians.

All worlds inhabited by humans will invariably have a Yalortian presence.

The Holy Book

The Holy Book was written by the first prophets of Yalortism. This Holy Book is very, VERY ancient. Of course. And is way longer than what was transcribed to the net, obviously.

The only transcribed section of the Holy Book is The Book of Roget. Though the transcription was incomplete.

The Book Of Roget

  • I · I - Details the creation of the Solar System by YALORT.
  • I · II - Goes on about the terraforming of Mars by YALORT.
  • I · III- Life on Mars develops further.
  • I · IV - Fribbles are given minds; YALORT dreams of unity.
  • I · V - YALORT becomes infuriated by ignorance and eradicates life on Mars.
  • I · VI - Earth is terraformed, dinosaurs appear and disappear.

Yalortian Holidays

As the High Priest Pseudolonewolf said: "Here's a list of days we get off for things! And by that, I mean: This is a list of all of the sacred religious holidays of Yalortism. Each one is a, uh, sacred event which we celebrate because, uh, it's so sacred. Yes."

  • Baked Fish Day - 5th of January
  • YALORT's Birthday - 24th of October
  • YALORT's Unofficial Birthday - 1st of May
  • YALORT's Other Unofficial Birthday - 22nd of February
  • Pseudolonewolf Day - 25th of February
  • Kilted Monk Week - 4th to 11th of March
  • Towel Day - 25th of May
  • Robertthias's Birthday - 12th of June
  • Roget's Birthday - 14th of June
  • The Earth's Birthday - 22nd of July
  • Universal Dictionary Day - 25th of July
  • Revised Edition Day - 25th of August
  • Selected Poems Eve - 9th of September
  • Selected Poems Day - 10th of September
  • Talk Like A Pirate Day - 19th of September
  • Wrath of Antarctica Day - 12th of December
  • Pigglemas - 5th of December
  • Festival of the Kilted Monks Called Roget Jr Reading Selected Poems About Baked Fish From Antarctica - -8nd Septembuary

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