An old village of reptoids, deep within the Sandflow Caves. It existed long before the Sun Temple, but the reptoids were savages; essentially just monsters, tainted by some dark energies.

When the Sun Temple was built, they balanced out, and now tend to be rather on the Neutral side, and far more civilised.

They trade with the priests above on occasion, but both races feel each other to be an unwelcome pest in their territory.

Encyclopaedia description

Xantusia is a town of Reptoids visited during the events of MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones. It is located beneath the desert of Fengue.



The Sun Temple

Mardek, Donovan and Sharla first come to Xantusia in their quest to solve the problem of monsters appearing in the Sun Temple. Upon meeting with Sslen'ck, the Chieftain of Xantusia, they realise that they have a common enemy and join forces to seek the Mystery Man.


  • A weapons and armour shop located near the entrance of the village (See below for wares).
  • Next to the weapons and armour shop is an Inn with a save crystal.
  • Across the path from the inn is a potion shop that sells various recovery drinks and items (Note: Speaking with the shopkeeper starts the trade quest).
  • Up the road is a Blacksmith (See page below).
  • A house with a portal that leads to the Sun Temple is located slightly northeast of the Blacksmith.
  • The Xantusia library is up the road from the portal house.
  • Next to the library is a house full of people wearing weird uniform looking for a 'temple', where you can pick up the Missing Gizmo sidequest.
  • The Chieftain's Dwelling where Sslen'ck can be recruited is to the west.
  • There is a sealed door in the library, but it is unknown what lies behind it, or how to open it. Sslen'ck implies that he, as the chieftain of Xantusia, can open the door, but won't do so for Mardek, and affirms that it can only be opened 'in times of great emergency'.


Equipment Shop

Item Price (G)
Xantusian Scimitar 7,000
Iron Spear 500
Iron Axe 5,000
Bronze Shield 250
Reinforced Leather 5,000

Item Shop

Item Price (G)
Potion 60
BetterPotion 120
Antidote 20
MotionPotion 20
HolyWater 20
LiquidSound 20
LiquidLight 20
BalloonJuice 20
Manaberry 200
PhoenixDown 500
CopperRing 100

Gope's shop

Main Article: Gope.


See Xantusian Blacksmith.


  • Missing Gizmo: Speak with First Officer Lykel in the house next to the library.
  • Trade Quest: Speak with the potion shopkeeper and bring him a Sand Fruit from the Sandflow Caves to start the Trade Quest.


  • Xantusia is very similar to Varanus, another town of Reptoids, which is visited during the events of Deliverance. They are both located underground and the outsides of the houses look the same except for colour (Xantusia has brown houses and Varanus has dark blue houses). They also have rather similar background music.
  • Xantusia is a genus of night lizards, which is also a reference to the lizard-like Reptoids.
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