The World's Saviours are a group of anti-hero Adventurers bent on saving the world in MARDEK.

The group consists of Bartholio Strongarm El-Mars, an arrogant, greatsword-wielding knight who speaks in a German accent; Vennie Vidi Ae-Vicci, a thief with a 'heart of gold' who speaks in a Cockney accent; Aalia Kitregis El-Aureliae, a dim-witted healer who speaks in chatspeak and emoticons; and Bernard Du-Monde, an elderly wizard who does not disclose much information about himself.


They are first encountered in the Tainted Grotto in MARDEK Chapter 2; they also appear as the final wave of the Arena Challenge in that chapter. When Moric invades Canonia, they are seen battling the zombies there. According to the Goznor Shaman, they wanted to go to Moric's Battleship, but he didn't allow them to.

In Chapter 3, they are encountered again at the entrance to the Fire Temple in Crimson Peak. They challenge Mardek's party to a race for the Fire Crystal, but are later confused as to how to progress in the temple. After Mardek's party defeats the Fire Guardian and procures the crystal, the Saviours encounter them leaving the temple and challenge them to a fight. Once the Saviours are again defeated, Mardek allows them to temporarily look at the crystal, after which they swear to obtain the next Elemental Crystal before Mardek's party does.

Bartholio, Vennie and Aalia are also featured in Akhmed Wobblescimitare's play in the Aeropolis theatre that happens after Qualna is defeated. In that play, Bartholio, Vennie, and Aalia take the roles of the hero Madrak, the hero Dougal, and princess Elma, respectively. However, it is ruined by Bernard, who replaces an actor who was supposed to play the role of zombified Social Fox with a real zombie, forcing Mardek, Elwyen, Bartholio and Aalia to battle it (this is the only battle when Bartholio and Aalia are controllable).


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  • The World's Saviours are a parody of the typical party in Final Fantasy games. They consist of a Black Mage (Bernard), a White Mage (Aalia), a Thief (Vennie), and a Warrior/Soldier/Knight/Fighter (Bartholio).
  • Bartholio has almost the same portrait as Mardek in the prologue of Chapter One. This may be intended to subtly poke fun at the boys pretend adventures in the first chapter. The Saviours also have the same sort of "heroic" attitude, with dungeons and saving princesses, etc.
  • The battle theme for the World's Saviours reinforces their connection as a parody of the typical party in Final Fantasy, especially when compared to Final Fantasy IV's battle theme, along with Bartholio reasoning that their loss to Mardek's party in Chapter 2's Cambria tournament event as an "unbeatable plot battle", something also commonly found in Final Fantasy's earlier games involving elemental crystals (e.g: Kain almost immediately defeating Cecil in Final Fantasy IV to obtain the air crystal).
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