This page lists all the Weapon Components in Deliverance. To build a weapon, a Blade and a Hilt of matching types must be joined together in a forge. Some Hilts allow Gemstones to be attached to the weapon, which grant it additional effects.

Weapon Combination Rules

The value of a constructed weapon is equal to $ \lfloor 1.2625 \times (\mathit{blade} + \mathit{hilt}) + 1.2875 \times (\mathit{gem_1} + \mathit{gem_2} + \mathit{gem_3}) \rfloor $, where:

  • $ \lfloor x \rfloor $ is the floor function
  • $ \mathit{blade} $ is the value of the blade
  • $ \mathit{hilt} $ is the value of the hilt
  • $ \mathit{gem_1} $ is the value of the first gem
  • $ \mathit{gem_2} $ is the value of the second gem
  • $ \mathit{gem_3} $ is the value of the third gem

If any weapon components have an element, the element of the blade takes priority, followed by that of the first gem.


Blaster Blades

Sword Blades

Greatsword Blades

Dagger Blades

Axe Blades

Spear Blades

Staff Blades

Wand Blades


Blaster Hilts

Sword/Greatsword/Dagger Hilts

Spear/Staff Hilts

Wand/Axe Hilts

Unobtainable Weapon Components

The following items can only be obtained through the GetItem console cheat.

Staff Blades

Gun Blades

Sword/Greatsword/Dagger Hilts

Gun Hilts

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