These large stinging insects delight in scaring the hell out of little children, then stinging them and pumping them full of poison until they explode rather graphically. Not nice, eh?

In-game description

Wasp is an enemy in Deliverance.


The Wasp is roughly identical to the MARDEK counterpart. It resembles some sort of black insectoid creature with black antenna and green eyes. It appears to lack limbs barring a pair of small "claws". It has a yellow and black patterned back. It also has a gray stinger which resembles a long, thin blade


More info

HP: 6+(3*lv) MP: 40
STR: 5 VIT: 4 SPR: 3 AGL: 21
ATK: 7.5+(2*lv) DEF: 1 MDEF: 1
Elemental resistance
IconFireD Fire IconWaterD Water IconAirD Air IconEarthD Earth
-100% 0% -80% 50%
IconLightD Light IconDarkD Dark IconAetherD Aether IconFigD Fig
0% 0% 0% 0%
Status resistance
IconPoisonD Poison IconConfusionD Confusion IconCurseD Curse IconDarknessD Darkness
100% 0% 0% 0%
IconSilenceD Silence IconSleepD Sleep IconParalysisD Paralysis
0% 100% 0%
Name Element Components Properties MP
Attack None N/A
 ? 0
Poison Sting Earth StingerSoul WaspStinger
WaspStinger Bone
DMG: 6-12
PSN: 66%
WaspStinger WaspStinger 15%
AntidoteDeliverance Antidote 5%
PotionDeliverance Potion 5%
ThunderSoul ThunderSoul 8%


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