For other uses, see Warding Stone.

There's a disturbance at the Sun Temple!

The priests report monsters swarming through the lower levels of the temple, including dark types that they've never seen before. You're to find what's responsible, and fix or stop it.

The Solakian Priest who gave you your quest, Shamash, suspects that an ancient device called the "Warding Stone" may be broken and in need of replacing. He gave you a spare one for this purpose.

In-game description

Warding Stone is a Quest in the MARDEK series.

More info

Walkthrough The quest starts after talking to the Solakian High Priest Shamash in the Sun Temple. He will give you a replacement ★ Warding Stone, which you will place on a pedestal at the very last room of the Sun Temple dungeon.
Rewards After returning to Shamash, he will give you the Solakian Platemail and 5000 gold.
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