The Virus is an enemy in Clarence's Big Chance. It is a dangerous virus that has invaded Generic Company's network. Clarence can find the Virus in his computer's antivirus program once he receives the task to do so.

The Virus is first seen as a very slow moving green virus and moves diagonally and ricochets off surfaces. But when Clarence jumps on it, the Virus splits into two and changes colour every time, except the first time.

The virus turns from the original green to the same colour, then yellow, then blue, then pink, then black-red. The virus gets faster each time Clarence jumps on it until the gets to the Blue stage, where the Virus starts to become slower. The red-black version is the only version which Clarence could kill. Every time a red-black virus is jumped on, it leaves a heart for Clarence to use.

After all the red-black viruses have been eliminated, Clarence completes his task.


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  • Only found in the 'Antivirus' area in Clarence's computer
  • Flying
  • Moves diagonally and ricochets off surfaces
  • Splits into two and changes colour every time Clarence jumps on one
  • Each split follows the progression Green-Green-Yellow-Blue-Pink-Red and Black
  • Original green is very slow; speed increases with each split until Blue, the fastest colour, after which it decreases
  • Only the red-and-black version can be killed
  • Will always leave a heart every time Clarence kills one
  • Damages on contact


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