Villageville is a town in Deliverance. It is very important in the first two chapters.


Chapter 1

Villageville is a small village, and the first encountered in the game (not counting the Marauder or the YALORTian Monastery). There are several shops there, an Inn, and a couple of houses. Inside the Inn are a lot of people, but only one of them will give you a quest. Villageville also houses a magic shop (which is unlocked by doing Veneficus' quest), a forge, and a general store.

Chapter 2

Nothing of interest happens in Villageville during Chapter 2 of Deliverance, though the spell forge is still useable.


Villageville contains Bob's Armour Shop, Villageville Inn, a magic shop, a forge, and many houses.


Bob's Villageville Shop

Magic Shop




Wizard's Apprentice

Go to coomwod cave and find the apprentice

youll get the spell forge


Earthquake Investigation

Treasures Found

  • Potion x 2 (Inn, upstairs)
  • Tunic (House)
  • Bubble 1 Tome (Spellforge, Secret Room left)
  • RingofSPR (Spellforge, Secret Room centre)
  • Onyx (Spellforge, Secret Room right)
  • 20 gold (north of town)


If the player returns to Villageville late in the game, a salesman will be in front of a house at the top left part of the town. He will be selling the house for 3000 gold. Inside the house is a storage chest that can hold up to 180 items.


  • Villageville has the same tileset as Goznor in MARDEK.
  • The Villageville background music is composed to be similar to the generic village music in Pseudolonewolf's other games.
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