Varanus is a town of Reptoids in Deliverance. It will not be occupied by reptoids in the remake anymore; instead, its inhabitants will be a completely new race.

Involvement in Plot

Chapter 3

Kerah is rescued by reptoids when she kills the Wheel Bat . She's told she's the chosen one and goes on a mission to find the earth crystal. Then just outside it she finds Tattoo , or Verloor (His true name, I think. When you get Tattoo, talk to the reptoid in the first house you see when you get to Varanus.), and they go on a mission, then they cross the laval lake.


Varanus contains an item shop, an equipment shop, an inn, a spell forge, a weapon forge, a library, a Yalortian monastery, and many houses.

Take note, to get to the spell forge, you have to check ALL the houses! Also, you get a soul stone in the library, after talking to Veneficus, and completing his quest. The spell forge does NOT have a sign.


Item Shop

Bob'f Itemme Shoppe - Farre ole yore itemme neeydfe! We felle Poshonf andde wepponnfe andde evrythyng!

  • Potion
  • MugwortJuice
  • Antidote
  • HolyWater
  • LiquidLight
  • LiquidSound
  • Remedy
  • FigJuice
  • Manaberry
  • Ether
  • PhoenixDown
  • BloodOpal

Equipment Shop

Bob'f wepponne Shoppe - Farre ole yore wepponne neeydfe! We felle Poshonf andde wepponnfe andde evrythyng!

  • Sabre (Sabre + HandGuard)
  • Handaxe (Hatchet + WoodenGrip)
  • Spear (BronzeSpeartip + WoodenShaft)
  • ApprenticeStaff (GlassOrb + WoodenShaft)
  • Buckler
  • WoodenShield
  • BronzeShield
  • GlyphShield
  • ReptoidMail
  • HempenRobe
  • Snakestone
  • RingOfSTR
  • RingOfVIT
  • RingOfSPR
  • RingOfAGL
  • SilverPendant
  • FirePendant

Weapon Forge

Bob'f Smithy - Farre ole yarre itemme foarjynnge neeydfe!

  • Bronze Blade
  • BronzeDagger
  • Hatchet
  • BronzeSpeartip
  • LeatherHilt
  • WoodenShaft
  • WoodenGrip
  • FireOpal
  • Topaz
  • Jade
  • Aquamarine
  • Onyx
  • Moonstone
  • Candriathope
  • Wispstone



Easter Eggs


The basement of the Yalortian monastery can be accessed from a door near Pseudolonewolf. A locked door and a chest containing some FigJuice is on the north side of the room, past a lava pool. The door serves no purpose in the current version, as there is no way to open it, but it may become significant in the remake.


  • Varanus is a genus of Old World reptiles, but its members are more commonly called 'monitor lizards'.
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