aka Silviu

  • I live in Romania
  • I was born on October 30
  • My occupation is Creating articles, editing, gaming, etc.
  • I am Male

My name is Silviu.

Oddly, some of my traits is influenced by my zodiac and my name.

Silviu is also a sensitive, emotional soul and an idealist at heart. Capable of great devotion, generosity and sacrifice, he aspires to join groups or associations with similar goals and convictions. But let´s be clear, Silviu   never truly loses his grip on reality, indeed he makes a special effort to keep his feet firmly planted on terra firma (...).

It also says It will be hard for me to forgive peoples if they dissapoint me, but usually I forgive them easily.

My zodiac is Scorpio, I am a water zodiac, horoscope says water zodiacs are hard to understand.

Unfortunately is true, but I can help it.

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