I'm a terribly old-fashioned wiki user who never got into the whole "userboxes" thing. I'm more used to editing wikis with less...extras, mainly the KoLwiki.

I may use this page to store cryptic notes or links to hard-to-find-articles that are nonetheless useful.

A visual listing of reactions A list of every character MARDEK.


  • Can't go above 100% status resist
  • Can't go above 200% elemental resist
  • For monsters with equipped items, encyclopedia shows:
  • Base stats
  • Adjusted def,mdef,atk,eva(?)
  • Adjusted resistances
  • Equipped items have the same effect on enemies as on PCs.
  • Equipped items that change atk, def, mdef replace original (shadowblade bandit = 25)
  • exp in bestiary is that obtained by a character who has not struck the killing blow on a monster of the same level.
    • Received EXP for one who has not struck the killing blow is enemy level/player level * displayedexp, rounded down.
    • If a player kills a monster of the same level, exp gained is 2xbase + 100.
    • If an enemy dies on its own turn (poison, bleed, requiem, dirge, etc.) all party members gain 2x exp, with nobody getting the kill bonus.
    • EXP +20% is applied after the initial rounding down.


Create articles for minor characters (self-defined as not in encyclopedia, at least 5 lines of dialogue, not a monster without a head image).

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