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Tropicia is a town in Deliverance.

Involvement in Plot

Chapter 3

Kerah arrives here after the Earth Crystal is retrieved. She asks Chief Troy to give her a boat, since she needs to find the main character and Quillon. Troy allows Kerah to take the boat, even though it's Tropicia's last boat. Soon after, she promises Kiernan and Quillion that she will find them.

Chapter 6

The main character and Peregrin go to Tropicia and talk with Troy. He tells you about Kerah. Since she took the last boat, there are no more boats in Tropicia. Luckily, one of the people accompanying you tells you about Porton, a port town. It can be reached by flying over a forest. When you enter Porton, Pseudolonewolf tells you that the game has ended for now. It will be extended in the future. That's it!


Tropicia is a fairly small town containing a general store, an inn, a weapon forge, and a few houses, including the chief's hut. There is a forest to the north, but it is blocked for unknown reasons.


Tropical Stuffs (Item and Equipment Shop)


There are two treasure chests in Troy's house, but they are unreachable as he is blocking them.

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