Triobots are a race of intelligent robots that reside on the worlds of Tetreous Prime and Tetreous Alter.


They vary greatly in appearance, though the basic drones have a 'triangular' head, two legs with pyramidal feet, and not much else. Except a large gun stored inside the cylinder on their back. They can fly by using boosters on their feet.

Triobots feel no emotions. They neither love nor hate, or even like or dislike anything, and they never realise that what they are doing is wrong.

They aim to conquer the entire Draco System so then they can reproduce more and conquer more. Their existences are monotonous, beginning when they are built in factories and ending when they are destroyed in battle. They never malfunction.

Their civilisation can be compared to that of ants; thousands of drones work for a larger, more important entity, all sharing a common mind. Individual deaths (or destructions) are ignored; more drones are just created to replace them. There is nothing but order in Triobot society.

Though they're weak by themselves, Triobots possess massive numbers of drones, and attack in swarms.

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