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The Toxikraken is the boss of the Sewage Treatment Facility in Raider Zero.


The Toxikraken has two heads/pods that shoot lightning bolts at the player at three different angles. The pods open up when firing horizontally, allowing Arkus to damage them. The Toxikraken itself will occasionally shock the platform. Arkus must jump to avoid this attack. After both pods are defeated, bombs fall from the sky. When the bombs are struck, they detonate at the end of a countdown, or when pushed into the water above the Toxikraken. The boss will move sideways along the platform, meaning that Arkus must time hitting the bombs into the water to damage it. The bombs necessary to defeat the boss vary, from three on Easy difficulty to six on Hard.



  • The Kraken (or Kracken) was a mythical giant sea squid that attacked sailors.
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