A powerful piece of jewellery that protects against wind and paralysis, and also increases your speed.

In-game description

TopazEarring is an item in the MARDEK series. It cannot be obtained in-game.


The TopazEarring does not exist. However if it did, it would be a small yellow piece of Topaz that has some sort of marking on it, possibly increasing its power, and this piece is lodged onto a gray earring of some sort. The aforementioned piece of Topaz is in a distinct pyramid shape, while most pieces are either the Brilliant-cut monsters or the small spherical item. The significance of this is unclear.


  • MDEF: 4
  • AIR elemental
  • Resist AIR (20%)
  • Resist Paralysis (80%)
  • AGL +2


  • The TopazEarring originally existed in Chapter 2, but was removed in the 2010 reboot. It was equipped on Vennie and could not be obtained in-game.
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