Timid Cervid is an RPG under development by Pseudolonewolf, set in a fantasy world. The game's core gameplay is very similar to that of Clarence RPG, but has a much nicer, gentler feel to it. It's similar to Alora Fane in that it's based around Pseudolonewolf's own personal emotional issues in some way.


The protagonist is Acorn Nose, a female deer girl anthro in a world full of other deer people; she goes to a school of sorts, actually. She's really shy, though, and every social encounter with a stranger is like a TERRIBLE BATTLE to be endured until it's over. The plot is very short and narrow in scope; it spans a single day near the end of Acorn Nose's education. For her final exam, she must capture and train an elemental dragon, but interactions with her friends and irritating boyfriend will most likely get in the way!

The cast is very narrow, only consisting of 4 characters.


The game is meant to be non-violent: the battles use the same mechanical concepts - hit points, skills that deal damage, turns, etc - but rather than representing bloodshed and spell flinging, they represent *social interactions*. Rather than having HP, characters would have 'willpower' instead, and rather than having elemental skills like fire, water, etc, each skill would have an emotional 'flavour' like 'happy', 'angry', 'friendly', 'disgusting', and so on. Characters and enemies would have weaknesses and resistances to these like creatures do to elements in MARDEK. Skills themselves would have names like 'Smile' or 'Jiggle' or 'Insult'; and rather than having stats like 'strength' and 'spirit' and 'speed', characters would have 'Charisma' (to determine the power of positive, friendly skills), 'Obnoxiousness' (to determine the power of negative, annoying skills), and 'Perkiness' (speed).