The Wasp Hunter is a minor character in Deliverance who is found in Cromwood. His sole purpose is to give the main character a sidequest.


The small amount of dialogue with him reveals him to be rather psychotic and obsessed with killing wasps. He makes a brief reference to getting revenge, implying that some wasp-related tragedy befell him in the past.


The sidequest consists of gathering 10 Wasp Stingers. While the sidequest may take some time due to the low drop rate of Wasp Stingers, the reward is quite valuable at low levels.

The reward is a spear, initially named The Wasp Poker, which consists of a StingerSpear, an OakShaft and a VipersEye. It is the strongest weapon obtainable by the main party until late Chapter 4, and also contains a rare gem, the VipersEye.


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