Mardek has been a Royal Knight now for three years, and his colleagues Donovan and Sharla were just recently promoted to Knights following acts of bravery and competence in various Guard missions.

The three of you have been sent to the Sun Temple, in a huge desert in the southern lands, to assist some priests of SOLAK who contacted the Guard for help after dark monsters started appearing in the lower levels.

You must do all that you can to solve whatever problems you find before returning to the King.

In-game description

The Sun Temple is a Quest in the MARDEK series.

More info

Walkthrough You have to descend into the depths of the Sun Temple, reaching the Reptoid village of Xantusia, travel through the Sandflow Caves and gain access to the strange 'ship' by defeating King Cuthbert, traverse that and the Dark Temple, and defeat the Mystery Man, who takes off with the Dark Crystal still.
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