You found the Necromantic tome which you can use to bind a soul to Meraeador's Metal Man, but it seems that to cast the spell you need the following reagents:

- Crystal Rose
- Skull of a Truly Wicked Mortal
- Silver Cord

In-game description

The Soul Cage is a Quest in the MARDEK series.

More info

Walkthrough Firstly, you will need to recruit Meraeador by talking to him with Gloria on your party.

After that you will need to speak to the librarian at Aeropolis to find out about the whereabout of the ★ Necromantic Tome. After finding out that it is with Saul, confront him in his lair and defeat his minions and force him to hand the tome over.

With the tome in hand, head back to Meraeador's house to start the quest. You'll need to find the following items:

After collecting all the items, get back to Meraeador's house with Mereardor and Gloria in your party.

Rewards Recruit Legion. Allows for completion of The Lost Monastery quest.
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