A young, blue-haired girl's parents have apparently been crystallised by the magic of the "Lake Hag"... You need to go down into the lake from the pier to get to the Hag, but you can only do this if you cast Emela's Aqualung spell on everyone from the menu, to allow them to breathe underwater.

In-game description

The Lake Hag is a Quest in the MARDEK series.

More info

Available MARDEK Chapter 2: A New Hero - after traversing the aboveground portion of Lake Qur.
  1. Traverse the underwater portions of Lake Qur.
  2. Defeat the Lake Hag.
  3. Talk to Elwyen.
  • Further the plot.
  • Access to Canonia.
  • Lapis Lily (talk to Elwyen in Gloria's house in Canonia).
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