The Dark One (whose real name is unknown) is a minor character in Deliverance. He has made no appearances in the game, and is only known about through conversations with other characters.


Shortly before Kerah escaped from Subprotaia, the Dark One led a group of soldiers wearing black armor to Tropicia. They searched the area thoroughly, looking for the Earth Crystal. When they didn't find it, they destroyed all of Tropicia's boats and continued on to Charleston.


He was in black, like all the others, but he wore a cape and oozed power. He had a mask covering his face. They all did, but his was more threatening somehow. He seemed rather... calculating. Definitely evil.

Chief Troy

...A fearsome figure who you should be wary of, wherever you may travel in the world. He oozed power, and looked the type to do things on a large scale. That Dark One, he was so ruthless, emotionless... Hardly human at all.

Chief Troy


  • Since the Dark One went to Charleston seeking the Earth Crystal, and Kerah brought the Earth Crystal to Charleston, it is likely that he would have come into conflict with Kerah soon after the story returned to her.
  • Chief Troy withholds information about the Dark One from Kerah for unknown reasons. He tells her that the soldiers left in a great hurry and he didn't know what they were searching for, but he later informs the main character that they spent some time in Tropicia searching for the Earth Crystal.
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