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The Crane is the miniboss of Cargo Bay I in Raider Zero.


The Crane is positioned above a conveyor belt that slowly pushes Arkus to the left. The Crane moves along the ceiling and drops down to crush Arkus under its girth. This position allows the player to jump above The Crane and shoot at a green core to damage it. When at a certain point in health, The Crane will fire projectiles down at the player. When at even lower health, The Crane fires a five-shot spread downwards.After defeatet it doesn't give you much,just an accuracy boost (probably for the ion blaster in the net room)


The battle should be short , seeing as he has 250 hp , and almost no defense , so 5 sword hits should bring him down.It is partially resistant to ranged hits so a blaster strategy would be almost impossible without 10 adrenaline shots , so the sword strategy is recomended because you can hit him even 3 times and deal him up to 190 dmg (it happened to me).

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