The fifth chapter of the first section of The Holy Book.

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This part of the vision, I thought, would be filled with morals and so on and so forth, to show me what mistakes the fribbles made that led to their destruction, and which humankind should not repeat, lest they meet the same fate.

But that's not what I saw, surprisingly. I saw YALORT communicate with several tribes of fribbles, telling them that he was their god and that they should worship him and learn to live together in unity and peace. Apart from this, though, he did not say much. He gave no commandments, or told them how to live or act.

He misjudged their intelligence and reasoning.

Instead of trying to befriend other tribes, the fribbles misunderstood YALORT's message, and they tried to spread out, to take the entire world for themselves. Each tribe was trying to conquer in the name of their god. And they fought each other still, of course, but now with more fervour as they had more of a goal. Wars began. Holy wars.

They all appeared to think they were fighting for their own god, even though they were all visited by YALORT, a single deity. They didn't realise this, and all thought that their own gods were superior.

At this point, YALORT could not take any more. He hated what had become of his creation, and thought that he had made the minds and life on this world incorrectly. It displeased him.

So, instead of trying to correct where he had gone wrong on this world, and trying to make it better, he decided to start again.

And since he preferred to have only one world in each star system inhabited with life, he had to destroy this one's life.

Thus was the end of life on Mars. The fribbles angered YALORT with their ignorance, and their warmongering, so he eradicated them, with green lightning from the skies. The water evapourated, and all life disappeared. Mars reverted back to the barren red desert that it was before.

YALORT sighed, and shook his head. He loathed his creations sometimes...

But he would try again on another planet, and the life on that one would hopefully turn out better.

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