The small, rocky blue world of Tetreous Prime is one of two Triobot worlds in the Draco System. Tetreous Prime is slightly larger than Tetreous Alter, and serves as the Triobots' primary base of operations, and the origin of their race.

Physical Characteristics

Tetreous Prime is noticeably blue, due to the colour of the rock it is composed of. Its atmosphere is weak and unbreatheable, but that doesn't bother the robotic Triobots. The surface is entirely rocky.


Tetreous Prime has no natural satellites.


Triobots have hive Pyramids all over Tetreous Prime, and the Grand Pyramid, which houses the Triobot Overmind, is located here.


Tetreous has few Monsters, but those that are found here are of medium to high level, as are the Triobots.

Places of Interest

  • Grand Pyramid
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