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Prior art

This is a drop-in replacement for Template:Stub as we use it now: an upfront notification at the top of the page that tells people "this article needs your help!" To make this template as clear and useful as possible, I took a look at what other, more successful wikis were doing. Here's what I found:

Here are a couple of things that I decided against using:

  • Wikipedia wants a timestamp, but the edit history should be sufficient
  • The RuneScape Wiki wants a reason, but adding that would retroactively invalidate all stubs on the wiki, plus I'm not sure where that info would go
  • Most wikis use a "relevant" quote, but I think that's kinda distracting, plus I'm not sure what we would use
  • Most wikis use a "relevant" image, but those aren't always clear, they don't add much IMO, and I'm not sure what we would use

Any feedback on the wording would be welcome!

DarthKitty (talk) 03:05, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

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