A natural cave complex within the Canonia Woods. It's said that a great wizard cast a spell on it many years ago, which turned it into the polluted state it's currently in. A lot of poisonous monsters call this cave their home.

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The Tainted Grotto is a dungeon in the MARDEK series.


Missing Shaman

Mardek and company visit the Tainted Grotto in MARDEK Chapter 2: A New Hero to find out about the missing Shaman of Canonia. They also first met the World's Saviours here.

MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones

In MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones, it is revealed (through Legion) by Deena that she used to live in the cave with her husband during her time as the Canonia Shaman. However, her husband, a wizard who managed to acquire the Earth Crystal, killed her and poisoned the cave.

Monster formations

Random (B1 and B2 only):

  • Green Mantid x1
  • Balloon x2
  • Balloon x3
  • Poison Bee x3
  • Poison Bee x4
  • Ooze x2
  • Phage x1
  • Phage x2
  • Phage x3
  • Gryyl x2
  • Gryyl x3
  • Gryyl x4
  • Balloon x2, Ooze x1
  • Balloon x2, Phage x1
  • Balloon x2, Phage x2
  • Ooze x2, Phage x1
  • Balloon x1, Poison Bee x2, Ooze x1
  • Balloon x1, Poison Bee x1, Gryyl x1
  • Balloon x1, Poison Bee x1, Phage x1, Gryyl x1


Treasures found


  • Swirling path (left path from 4-way intersection, upper branch, upper path)
  • Left path from 4-way intersection, upper branch, lower chamber
  • Left path from 4-way intersection, lower chamber
  • Bottom path from 4-way intersection, left branch
  • Right path from 4-way intersection, directly on next intersection
    • 76 Gold
  • Top right branch


  • Save Crystal area - southern branch
  • Save Crystal area - western branch
  • Save Crystal area - examine acid pool
  • Directly north of Dream Circle
  • Directly above an smaller acid pool, eastern side
  • Direcly above a large acid lake, eastern side
  • Lower left branch of top left chamber
  • Lower right branch of top left chamber
    • 143 Gold


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