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Sythoids are semi-sentient cyborgs from the planet Ngregka.

They're believed to be the prototypes for the Cyber Orteks, created by the same sadistic unknown entity, but Sythoids are a lot weaker than Orteks and can't really do much at all. They aren't intelligent. Their minds are animalistic, but their implants give them a certain level of artificial intelligence. They can't walk, and they rarely (if ever) land. Their wings never stop flapping, just like our hearts never stop beating... They live for incredible amounts of time, and are almost immortal. Most of them are destroyed before they die of old age, though. In fact, all of them are; none of them have ever reached their maximum age, what with them not existing for that long as a species, and with all the constant attacks on their planet (which all the other sentient races are trying to claim dominance over; they consider Ngregka to be a sort of 'terra nullius').

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