Super Mega Extreme Cyber Ortek Flier 2005 X (abbreviated 'SMECOF2005X') is a side-scrolling shooter game with RPG elements by Pseudolonewolf, which he made as a 'sequel' of sorts to the very first game that he ever tried to make in Flash, which was sort of the same except you played as a 'turquoise dragon'. You play as a Cyber Ortek, which flies throughout multiple planets in the Draco System. The game was released as early as 2005, so it's rather old. Pseudolonewolf says that he would not develop it further, because he has other projects to work and is quite content with the game as it is.


The gameplay is simple. You kill different enemies and try to survive while flying from one planet to another. Your sole purpose is to destroy all enemy bases, one on every planet. You receive money for killing enemy units and after passing a level. Between levels you can visit a shop to buy new and better armour and weapons and implants to improve your fighting skills.

The game itself is quite hard, though. As the counter linked to Newgrounds shows, only 30% of people who played it have beaten the first boss, and less than 1% have passed the whole game.


A list of items can be found here.


  1. Tetreous (1)
  2. Lingonite (4)
  3. Crystalite (6)
  4. Ngregka (8)
  5. Ortekia (10)


  1. Anthope (9)
  2. Tetreous (11)


  1. Spacepath (the path from a planet to another).



  • In the game menu you can find some brief information about those who live in the Astrostles Galaxy. This is probably the earliest information about this concept.
  • When you die, the game over screen shows a message written in Lingon language. Here is transliteration: No good can come of war....

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