A large temple of SOLAK built out in the middle of the desert west of Aeropolis. Its design is mainly subterranean, with a ground level and several levels below it. It's inhabited by priests of SOLAK, who must take a vow of celibacy and isolation, agreeing to spend their lives there praying in devotion. It's unknown why it was built where it is, or who built it.

Encyclopaedia description

The Sun Temple is a location in the MARDEK series. It is where the events of MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones begin.


Mardek, together with newly-promoted Knights, Donovan and Sharla, are sent by the King of Goznor to the Sun Temple to assist the priests of SOLAK. Dark monsters have started appearing on the lower levels of the Sun Temple, and it is up to Mardek and company to solve it.

The party asks Shamash, the Solakian High Priest, about the situation. He suspects that an ancient device called the "★ Warding Stone" might be broken and needs to be replaced. He also says that the monsters started appearing after a mysterious man with an eyepatch went to the lower levels. Mardek's party then decides to head to the lower levels to investigate. Later in the temple, the party encounters a strange man, who introduces himself as Clavis. He gives the party a lecture about the natural balance, and uses the Sun Temple as an example.

Later, the party encounters two reptoids talking to eachother, who also appear to be investigating the monster outbreak. The reptoids notice the party, and one of them attacks, thinking that they are responsible for the monsters. The party defeats the reptoid and soon encounters Sslen'ck Ea-Sslenal, their leader, who attacks them. However, the party manages to defeat him in a fight and then explain that they are also investigating the monster outbreak. The party offers to join forces with Sslen'ck, who leads them back to his village, Xantusia.

In the next room, the party can replace the Warding Stone, which will purge the monsters from the temple, though this is not necessarily required.

Solakian Priests

Monster formations

Random (Everywhere except the entrance area, portal room and warding stone room):
Note that all random battles stop after replacing the Warding Stone.


Treasures found

Entrance room

  • 3000 Gold





Priest's Shop

Item Price (G)
BetterPotion 120
HolyWater 20
Antidote 20
BalloonJuice 20
LiquidLight 20
MotionPotion 20
LiquidSound 20
Remedy 500
Mace 800
Alchemist's Fire 500
Really Cold Water 500
Liquid Lightning 500
Bottle O' Acid 500


Save the Priests!

A priest in the top floor of the Sun Temple explains that while most of them are safe from the monsters on the top floor of the temple, not everybody had been successfully evacuated from the lower floors. The priest gives Mardek 4 Warp Stones and asks that him find and rescue the four priests that are trapped below.

The reward is a SolakianAmulet and Dreamstone #1.

Trade Quest

There is a priest on the top floor who is complaining that he is actually bald, so he will require some special help to grow some hair. If Mardek gives him the ★ Special Ointment, the priest will give him the ★ Hair Tonic, which Mardek can give to Medium Priest Gallovar to continue the quest.

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