This page contains a transcript of signs in the Suburbs level of Clarence's Big Chance.


By entrance

Welcome to the outside world! Isn't it lovely? To get to work, you'll just have to keep heading this way, through the suburbs, then the park, and finally the city.

By first door

Doors are splendid things for entering. There's nothing like entering a good door to soothe the spirits. Some doors, however, can't be entered. But some can!! Maybe it's easy to tell the difference between the two types. Just maybe.

At first car button

There's a big pink button here, as you can see. Press it (using UP) to summon a CAR to drive around in! You can get in it using UP, and jump out using SPACE. If it's going fast enough, it can break certain crumbly-looking blocks.

Just past first door

Ugh, young people these days! Playing their loud, cacophonous 'music' on their iMans or Walkpods or what-have-you! You can't be having with it, Clarence, can you? It hurts your brittle ears, that's what it does. Causes you real pain.

At first crumbly blocks

These blocks look rather crumbly, don't you think? Like poorly-made toffee. Or biscuits. Or cake. Maybe they're made of all of those things? But it's unlikely. Maybe there's some way you - or rather, something you may find - can break them?

At looping space point

Sometimes, space just all like warps in on itself, y'know?

At entrance to park


In treetops

Sometimes, you have to jump out of a car while it's moving! What a daredevil you are, Clarence! No regard for danger at all! Hold SPACE when jumping senselessly out of the vehicle in order to achieve the necessary lift!

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