Sslen'ck Ea-Sslenal is a playable character in MARDEK.


The Twenty-Sssixth Chieftain of Xantusia. He is honourable, fair and ordered, and ssstrongly devoted to hisss people. He doesn't trussst humansss, but isss willing to put hisss own persssonal feelingsss assside for the sssake of accomplissshing a goal, which he ssseesss asss more important.

He hasss a deep fear of the undead for sssome reassson.

Like all reptoidsss, Sslen'ck is a hermaphrodite; that isss, he hasss no sssingular sssex or gender. Reptoidsss are generally referred to asss 'he' anyway, though.


Sslen'ck is first encountered in the lower chambers of the Sun Temple, the final boss of the area. He, along with two other reptoids, attack Mardek, Donovan and Sharla, believing them to be the cause of the dark creatures unleashed. Upon his defeat, he learns that Mardek and company are not to blame. He invites them to Xantusia, his village, where he is the chief, and joins them on their quest after their arrival, leaving Blatantly Evil Chancellor in charge of the village. When Mardek and the party go inside the Ninevehn ship, Sslen'ck explains that the so-called 'temple' belongs to the stranded spacefarers living in Xantusia. He also comments about how the Dark Temple was supposed to be sealed up ages ago.

Sslen'ck returns to Xantusia after Qualna's defeat.



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Sslen'ck's skillset is Dragon Tech in Chapter 3. A full list of Sslen'ck's skills in battle can be found here.

Sslen'ck is fought along with two Reptoid Warriors as the final boss of the Sun Temple.

A very physically-oriented character, Sslen'ck, with his high strength along with his strength-aligned weapons, can inflict huge amounts of damage on enemies. His passive skill, Dragon's Blood, allows him to resist Poison, Numbness, Sleep, and Paralysis by 20%. His vitality is also high, with possible health of around 900 at level 20.

Like many physical attackers in RPGs, Sslen'ck's downside comes in the form of a lack of magic resistance (no magical defence reactions at the start) and lower defence (possibly lower than that of Mardek's). He can use his Dragon Tech skills to inflict magic damage on enemies immune to physical attacks, but once he starts running out of MP, he can do little.

Expect him to be the last to initiate as his AGL is very low. Sslen'ck does not have any form of ally support skills.

Vital stats

Chapter 3

  • STR: 22
  • VIT: 19
  • SPR: 8
  • AGL: 9


A list of resistance-providing equipment can be found here.



  • As of chapter 3, Sslen'ck is the only earth-elemental character in MARDEK with a surname prefix that is not 'Eh-'.
  • If Mardek tries to open the Arcane Door in Xantusia's library with Sslen'ck in the party, Sslen'ck will comment that the door can only be opened by a Chief of Xantusia and is only opened "in times of great emergency."
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