These little fey beasts are mischievous rather than dangerous; they often live in peoples' back gardens and play tricks on the owner of the house.

In-game description

The Sprighte is the Stage 1 form of the Fairy group.


Sprighte is a butterfly-like creature, with pink head and legs with a neon green leaf on top of the head and wings with two closed green eyes.


Wild Sprightes can be encountered and signed in Route 6. They are also used by the enemy signers Brydee in the Annoying Cave, Karlie in the Cradlewood, Schoolgirl in Route 5, and those participating in the Random Tournament.


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Sprightes learn Larva Cure, a Larval-type technique. They can also use any Larval or Shaman techniques that their ancestors learned.


A Sprighte can be evolved from a Fairy Egg. It can evolve into three different forms:


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