???? is the mysterious spaceship in the MARDEK series. It is located deep within the Sandflow Caves beneath the Sun Temple. Its landing broke open the long-sealed Dark Temple. It is of little importance in current chapters, but is speculated to be more important later on.


The ship appears to be from Nineveh, judging from Rohoph's remark when the party first enters the ship.

There is also a lot of speculation about how Enki, Mardek's father, may be the captain of the spaceship due to the crew in Xantusia saying that it landed here recently, and the Medical Officer's remark about the similarity between Mardek and the captain. Also Mardek says he finds the ship familiar for some reason, though he cannot remember why.


  • Enki (speculated based on Dreamstone #16 and the comment by the Medical Officer)
  • Lykel
  • Pilot
  • Scientist
  • Medical Officer
  • Technician


Mardek, Sharla, Donovan and Sslen'ck must pass through here to access the Dark Temple.

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