This page lists the songs included in the MARDEK series. Songs are grouped by which chapter they are first found in. All songs with titles underlined are part of the officially-released soundtrack, and can be purchased at the links provided.

Chapter 1

Title Occasions Heard External Link
MARDEK Main Theme Main Menu and end-of-chapter menu [1]
Slaying The Dragon Chapter 1 Opening Cutscene [2]
Mighty Heroes Dragon's Lair background music, Mardek's solo arena [3]
Casual Battle Battle music: Random battles except Dragon's Lair, Astral Tunnel and timed sequences (where the background music overrides the battle music), chest battles except Bone Demon and Red Dragon, scripted/wandering encounters of otherwise random enemies, as well as the Poshgoblin, lone Reptoid Warrior, Molestors and Wretched Soul [4]
Boss Battle Battle music: The Dragon, Mugbert, Lake Hag, Canonia Shaman, Locksmith, Zombie Warriors, Zombie Dragon, Dracelon, Antares, Sslen'ck, Bone Dracelon, Serpent, Fallen High Priest, Bone Demon and Red Dragon (both regular and arena fight) [5]
Goznor Background music: Goznor [6]
Dungeon I Background music: Goznor Sewer, Tainted Grotto, and Lost Monastery before the stone is removed [7]
Enki Lilanea's story about Enki, Dreamstone 16 [8]
Belfan Overworld Background music: Overworld, Heroes' Den, Crash Site, Guardpost, Eastern Glens, Lake Qur (above water) and Desert Path [9]
The Woods Background music: Soothwood, Canonia Woods [10]
Rohoph When Rohoph posesses Mardek, conversations with Rohoph at the end of Chapter 1, after the Gem Mines, after the Catacombs, at the end of Chapter 2, and at the end of Chapter 3; Rohoph's level-locked P-dialogue [11]
Governance de Magi During the Governance de Magi's end-of-chapter cutscenes, during both confrontations with Moric, on first meeting the posessed Gonoroth Fa-Regis [12]
Hymn of YALORT Background music: Goznor Yalortian Monastery, Aeropolis Temple of YALORT, Lost Monastery after removing the stone [13]
The Inventor Background music: Meraeador's house; Meraeador's level-locked P-dialogue; Meraeador's solo arena [14]
Victory! Upon winning all random battles except Dragon's Lair, Astral Tunnel and timed sequences (where the background music overrides the battle music) [15]
VICTORY!!! Upon winning all non-random battles except timed sequences, Champion Arena battles 1-18 and Solo Arena battles 1-9 (where thematic music overrides the battle music) N/A
Game Over Upon dying [16]

Chapter 2

Title Occasions Heard External Link
Memory Chapter-opening scrolling recap [17]
Castle Goznor Castle Goznor background music [18]
Royal Guard Chapter 2 mission briefings and the report after the Gem Mine, Donovan and Sharla's solo arenas [19]
Dungeon II Background music: Gem Mine and Serpent's Lair [20]
Muriance Encountering Muriance in the Gem Mine, outside the Earth Temple before it's opened, encountering Muriance in the Earth Temple crystal room, Dreamstone 14 [21]
Muriance Battle Battle music: Muriance (both chapters) [22]
Underwater Background music: Lake Qur (underwater), Gem Mine (underwater) [23]
Canonia Canonia background music [24]
World's Saviours When the World's Saviours appear in the Tainted Grotto, the Chapter 2 Arena, outside the Fire Temple and in the Fire Temple crystal room [25]
Saviours Battle All three fights against the World's Saviours [26]
Evil Stirs Goznor and Canonia during zombie invasions; immediately before encountering the Canonia Shaman, Moric in the Catacombs and the Fallen High Priest [27]
Catacombs Catacombs background music [28]
GdM Battle Battle music: Moric (both times), Qualna [29]
Trilobite Cave Background music: Trilobite Cave, Cambria [30]
Arena Background music: The Cambria Arena [31]
Flee! Battle music: Security Demon; timed missions (fleeing Moric's Battleship, completing the Flame Soul challenges) [32]
Sorrow When Steele dies, reflections after becoming Royal Guards, when Moric dies, when Gonoroth Fa-Regis dies, Dreamstone 1, Dreamstone 3 Listen
Vehrn's Theme When first meeting Vehrn in Canonia, Vehrn's level-locked P-dialogue, Vehrn's solo arena Listen
Zach's Theme In inns where Zach can be purchased before doing so, Zach's level-locked P-dialogue, Zach's solo arena Listen
Arena Battle In the first 19 rounds of the Champion Arena (plays continuously) Listen
Battleship Background music: Moric's Battleship Listen
Emela's Theme When Emela leaves at the end of Chapter 2, Dreamstone 4, Dreamstone 5, Dreamstone 6 Listen

Chapter 3

Title Occasions Heard External Link
Sun Temple Sun Temple background music [33]
Sandflow Caves Background music: Sandflow Caves, Desert Cave [34]
Reptoid Village Xantusia background music [35]
Sslen'ck When recruiting Sslen'ck, Sslen'ck's level-locked P-dialogue, Sslen'ck's solo arena [36]
Fallen from the Stars Spaceship ???? background music [37]
Dark Temple Dark Temple background music (before the crystal is taken) [38]
Solaar On first encountering Solaar, when Solaar decides to travel with the party after the Dark Crystal is taken, Solaar's level-locked P-dialogue, Solaar's solo arena, Dreamstone 13 [39]
Pugnacious Ruffian Encountering the Mystery Man in the Dark Temple crystal room, Dreamstone 15 [40]
Bring It! Battle music: Mystery Man [41]
Something's Amiss Discussion after first encountering the posessed Gonoroth Fa-Regis [42]
Dead Temple Background music: All temples after their crystals have been taken [43]
Pleasant Air Warport background music [44]
Siren Song When adding Elwyen to the party, during the date at the end of Chapter 3, Elwyen's level-locked P-dialogue, Elwyen's solo arena, Dreamstone 11 [45]
Nature's Maiden Background music: Canonia Shaman Cave (Chapter 3), Dreamcave (entrance); Gloria's level-locked P-dialogue, Gloria's solo arena, Dreamstone 12 [46]
Duet Dreamstone 9, Dreamstone 10 [47]
Saul Background music: Saul's Dungeon [48]
Legion When Legion is first started, Legion's level-locked P-dialogue, Legion's solo arena [49]
Lone Wolf Meeting Lone Wolf during the play, Dreamstone 2, Dreamstone 7, Dreamstone 8 [50]
Aeropolis Aeropolis background music [51]
Volcano Crimson Peak background music [52]
Lifewood Lifewood background music [53]
Water Temple Water Temple background music (before the crystal is taken) [54]
Fire Temple Fire Temple background music (before the crystal is taken) [55]
Earth Temple Earth Temple background music (before the crystal is taken) [56]
Guardian Battle Battle music: Water Guardian, Fire Guardian, Earth Guardian [57]
Crystals Water Temple, Fire Temple, and Earth Temple crystal rooms before the crystals are taken [58]
Secret Dungeon Background music: Miasmal Citadel, Dreamshrine and Goznor Secret Shop [59]
Secret Boss Battle music: Annihilator:Karnos, Annihilator:Animus [60]
Grand Boss Battle music: King of Goznor [61]
Clavis Shortened version: Meeting Clavis in the Sun Temple, the Warport, Saul's Dungeon and the Water Temple
Extended version: When Clavis reveals his true identity, Dreamstone 17
Astral Plane Astral Tunnel background music [63]
Play: Villain During the play [64]
Play: Hero During the play [65]
Play: Battle Battle music: Zombie Actor [66]
Unnamed Nature's Maiden remix Background music: Dreamrealm - Dreamcave, Dreamrealm - Canonia Woods, Dreamrealm - Tainted Grotto, Dreamrealm - Earth Temple N/A
Unnamed Lifewood remix Dreamwood background music N/A
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