This page lists the songs included in the game Deliverance.

Title Occasions Heard External Link
Deliverance Theme Main Menu [1]
Star Marauder Marauder background music [2]
Battle! Battle music: Random battles and wandering zombie battles [3]
Dungeon 1 Background music: Cromwood Cave, Quake Cave, Lost Monastery, Howlwood (cave and passage), and Topaz Caves [4]
Purple Bamboo Background music: Lost Ruins and Subprotaia [5]
Boss Battle Battle music: Rune Dragon, Qaraq-cansis (boss), Fallen Priest, Bat (The Bat Cave), Wheel Bat, Tattoo, and Matam-cansis [6]
Elemental Background music: World Map and Adventure Hut [7]
Village Background music: Villageville, Aldea, and Porton [8]
Hymn of YALORT Background music: Yalortian Monastery and Varanus Temple of YALORT [9]
Lingons During the video in the Lost Ruins [10]
First Impressions When Peregrin finds the protagonist in the field [11]
Forest Background music: Advent Woods, Cromwood, and Howlwood [12]
Temple Background music: Crystal Marsh, Temple of Earth, and Temple of Air [13]
Reptoid Village Background music: Varanus and Aru [14]
The Zombie!'s Theme Background music: Aldean Catacombs and Aldea during the invasion [15]
The Zombie! Battle Battle music: The Zombie! [16]
Peregrin's Theme When Peregrin introduces himself [17]
Guardian Battle Battle music: Rock Mole and Thundragryf [18]
Tropical Island Background music: Tropicia [19]
Victory Fanfare (Unnamed) Upon winning a battle N/A
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