A forest west of Goznor. It's unremarkable and full of goblins. The regional Shaman for the Goznor region dwells within.

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MARDEK Chapter 1: A Fallen Star

In this chapter, Soothwood serves no real purpose other than being a barrier between Goznor and the Crash Site, and to help new players to familiarise with the game. Mardek and Deugan travel through the forest after they decided to investigate the 'fallen star'.

MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones

Mardek and company visit the Goznor Shaman for his brew which allows people to breathe underwater, since Emela is absent.

Monster formations

Random (main area only):


Treasures found


Goznor Shaman's shop

Notice You cannot trade with the Shaman anymore after completing the Shaman's Brew quest.
Item Price (G)
Acid Seed 80
Leaf of Life 300
Mugwort 600
Bitterleaf 600
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