It bears some resemblance to "Solak"[sic], a Sun God worshipped by some culture or another. Or rather it resembles an effigy of Solak[sic]. That particular deity was said to have made stars for fun. I bet you wish you could make stars and have fun with it.

In-game description

The Solrotor is the Stage 2 Magic form of the Flare group. It has fairly high magic attack, magic defense, MP, and defence, though its speed and attack are rather low.


Solrotor is an orange sphere with brown outcroppings, as well as a brown eye in the middle.


Solrotors cannot be found in the wild. They are not used by any enemy signers, except for those participating in the Random Tournament.


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Solrotors learn Solar Flare, a Pyro-type technique. They can also use any Sun or Pyro techniques that their ancestors learned.


Solrotor can be evolved from a Roglop. This beast cannot evolve any further.


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  • Due to both being a stone (virtual or otherwise) representation of the Sun, Solrotor somewhat resembles the Pokemon Solrock. As such it also represents several foes from the MARDEK series that are modeled after SOLAK (and therefore the sun), such as Vega and Antares.
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