Social Fox is a character in MARDEK. He is a Grand Adventurer, and Mardek and Deugan's hero.


Social Fox was the most recent of the Grand Adventurers. His deeds are the stuff of legends, and many were saved by his heroism. Mardek and Deugan, like many young people, aspire to be Grand Adventurers like Social Fox one day.

He died of critical wounds after slaying a particularly powerful dragon, and was given a Hero's burial in a large tomb within the Goznor catacombs. His death was a huge blow on the inhabitants of Belfan, Mardek and Deugan particularly as he was their hero, but this tragedy also inspired them to try harder to replace him and become the new Grand Adventurers, leading them to become members of the Royal Guard.


Social Fox dies between the events of Mardek chapters 1 and 2, fatally wounded by a dragon despite killing it.

After Moric's death in the Goznor Catacombs and the destruction of his annunaki body, he performs a Soul Transfer on Social Fox's corpse and returns to his battleship. This incarnation of Moric is the final boss of MARDEK 2.


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He is level 24 and has 4845 HP when you battle him in his zombie form on Moric's Battleship. He is a fairly difficult enemy, using attacks that can kill Mardek and his companions in just a few hits. He can then proceed to zombify them and fully restore their HP, although this can be used to the player's advantage if they have HolyWater or a Bonestone in their inventory, the passive skill Vim, or Mardek's Remove Taint.



  • Social Fox's sword, the Wolf Blade, is obtainable as a relic in Raider: Episode 1.
  • "Social fox" serves an an antithesis of the term "lone wolf" a common trait for characters who prefer to work alone. This is reflected in Deugan, who takes the mantle of Lone Wolf in chapter 3.

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