An amoeboid creature capable of casting spells. It's hard to damage with physical attacks because of its liquid form.

In-game description

Slop is an enemy in Deliverance.


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More info

HP: 2+(1*lv) MP: 30
STR: 3 VIT: 38 SPR: 13 AGL: 3
ATK: 6+(1.5*lv) DEF: 30 MDEF: 10
Elemental resistance
IconFireD Fire IconWaterD Water IconAirD Air IconEarthD Earth
varies varies varies varies
IconLightD Light IconDarkD Dark IconAetherD Aether IconFigD Fig
varies varies varies varies
Status resistance
IconPoisonD Poison IconConfusionD Confusion IconCurseD Curse IconDarknessD Darkness
100% 0% 0% 0%
IconSilenceD Silence IconSleepD Sleep IconParalysisD Paralysis
0% 0% 0%
Name Element Components Properties MP
Attack None N/A
 ? 0
Grey Slime Earth SlimeSoul SlimeJam
WaspStinger Bone
DMG: 6-12
DEF: -3
PSN: 33%
SlimeJam SlimeJam 0.5%
PotionDeliverance Potion 10%
CleansingSoul CleansingSoul 8%

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