The Sidequest Priest is a character in MARDEK. He can give Mardek the first available sidequest of Chapter 3.


The Sidequest Priest is a priest of SOLAK who resides in the Sun Temple west of Aeropolis.


The priest will tell Mardek that some Solakian Priests have been trapped in the lower levels of the temple ever since dark monsters started appearing there. He gives Mardek four Warp Stones, which will allow the trapped priests to escape if Mardek ventures down into the basement and finds them.

After rescuing the priests, he gives Mardek a SolakianAmulet and Dreamstone #1 as rewards. In addition, Jacques will reward Mardek with the Clerical Assistant medal after completing this quest, if he talks to him in Castle Goznor later.


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