The Shopkeeper is a man running a shop of three possible items. There are three Shopkeepers at the Streets at Night. The Shopkeeper will call Clarence a vagrant and kick him out if he does not have enough money to buy an item. Otherwise, he will introduce his items as he sees that Clarence is about to go on a date.

Each of his items cost £250 but for some strange reason, the Shopkeeper will prohibit Clarence buying more than one item so he warns him to choose carefully. During the thinking, Clarence can talk to the Shopkeeper to hear the description of each item again. Once Clarence purchases an item, the Shopkeeper congratulates him for his "splendid choice" and tells him to get out of his shop and never come back.

If Clarence attempts to re-enter, the Shopkeeper warns him again about coming back and tells him to live with the choice he makes.

The Shopkeepers own a Chocolate Shop, a Stuffed Animal Shop and a Flower Shop.

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