For other uses, see Shield of Darkness.

A shield elementally attuned to the power of Darkness.

In-game description

Shield of Darkness is an item in the MARDEK series. It can be equipped in the Shield slot by Mardek, Emela, Vehrn and Bartholio.


The Shield of Darkness is remarkably simple in aesthetic design. It is effectively a set of concentric black circles with a faint symbol on it. Do note that this simplicity is due to the Darkness element design scheme leaving it with black as the main color.


  • DEF: 3
  • MDEF: 3
  • DARK elemental
  • SPR +1
  • Resist DARK (30%)
  • Empowers DARK (20%)


From recipe ×1 at the Xantusian Blacksmith:
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