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The planet chooses Shamans before they are born; we are born into our fates, you could say. But... I say that, though not all of these destined-to-be-Shamans actually take on the role. Many of us are, uh, 'backups', to put it vulgarly, that, like me, would take over if a previous Shaman met an untimely end.

Gloria Eh-Korey, level 21 party dialogue

A shaman in the MARDEK series is a representative chosen by a planet. Shamans represent the sentient species' connection with the planet and nature. There are multiple shamans for each species, usually with shamans living near areas of distinct natural importance (such as Crimson Peak and the Lifewood). The Canonia Shaman's disappearance is a major plot point in MARDEK Chapter 2: A New Hero.

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