A legendary artefact with amazing power. It turns the wearer into a raging warrior, who attacks with speed and power, but without thought or control.

In-game description

Scarab of Fury is an item in the MARDEK series. It can be equipped in either Accessory slot by Mardek, Deugan, Emela, Steele, Vehrn, Zach, Donovan, Sharla, Sslen'ck, Solaar, Elwyen, Gloria, Meraeador, Legion, Bartholio and Aalia.


True to its name, the Scarab of Fury resembles a Scarab. It is all red barring golden "legs" and lines on its shell.


  • DEF: 5
  • MDEF: 5
  • FIRE Elemental
  • Auto-Berserk
  • Auto-Haste


As drop Annihilator:Karnos (100%)
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