When monsters appeared in the Sun Temple, the priests on the lower levels escaped to the uppermost level... but four of them unfortunately didn't make it out in time. You have to take a Warp Stone to each of them, then return to the priest who gave you the quest.

In-game description

Save the Priests! is a Quest in the MARDEK series.

More info

Walkthrough Speak to the aptly-named 'Sidequest Priest' in the room to the northeast of where Shamash is standing to start this easy quest. He will give four Warp Stones to you, so that you can save the priests.

So while you are wandering around the basement of Sun Temple trying to complete the Sun Temple quest, you just need to speak to the four wandering priests you see.

Rewards Go back to the Sidequest Priest to collect your reward, a SolakianAmulet and a Dreamstone. Speak to Jacques to be awarded the Clerical Assistant medal.
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