A soothing light washes over you... Your wounds are healed. Would you like to save?

Description after examining a Save Crystal

Save Crystals are interactive objects in the MARDEK series. When interacted with, they restore characters' HP and MP, remove all status effects, and allow the player to access three menus.



The player can save their game through one menu, and have access to 70 save slots.

Switch party members

The player can rearrange their party through one menu, and are able to reorder, add, remove, or trade the playable characters they have acquired. Unused characters are placed in storage, and do not gain experience from battles. Mardek and other plot-relevant characters cannot be stored.

This menu becomes available at the start of MARDEK Chapter 2: A New Hero, though it is useless until Zach or Vehrn become playable.

Item storage

The player can store Items in save crystals through one menu, though the process is not automatic. The player can also use this menu to access each playable character's inventory, even if they are not in use. The item storage is not unlimited however, and only has 336 slots.

This menu becomes available after defeating The Dragon, preventing players from keeping powerful equipment like the Dragon Amulets.


  • Prior to the release of MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones, the player could save their game anywhere.
  • It is impossible to fill more than 10 of the 33 available character slots.
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