Saul Du-Xesphthar is a character in MARDEK.


A peculiar man who lives alone in a house in the Canonia Woods. He is a Necromancer, and, typical of his sort, has a morbid fascination with death and corpses. He acquires many dead bodies from who-knows-where - perhaps from the victims he lures into his trap? - and animates them as undead to act as servants, warriors, and even friends... They make great listeners, but due to the whole mindlessness thing, they aren't much good at putting forward their own opinion.

He talks as if narrating his own life, though his wording is pretentious and self-aggrandising.


Saul first appears in his house when Mardek goes to his house to find a tome that he has borrowed from the Aeropolis library. He first runs away by letting two zombies fight Mardek. Later, he manages to trap the party in a prison cell in his basement. However, they manage to escape and later confront Saul, who commands a Bone Dracelon to attack them. After it is defeated, he submits and gives Mardek the tome. He mysteriously disappears after those following events, meaning that Saul is out there somewhere plotting his revenge.


Aside from narrating himself, Saul's personality is somewhat similar to Moric, as they are both necromancers. In fact, Saul even uses Moric's RE-reanimated Dracelon to attack Mardek and his companions. Rohoph compares him to Moric if he is talked to while they are inside his house.


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