Saul's Dungeon, shown on the world map as the House in the Woods, is a location in the MARDEK series.


Meraeador goes to Aeropolis to borrow the ★ Necromantic Tome, which is needed to complete his Metal Man, but a man called Saul has kept it for quite some time, so the librarian sends Mardek's party to take it back. Saul first runs away by letting two zombies fight Mardek. Later, he manages to trap the party in a prison cell in his basement. However, they manage to escape and later confront Saul, who commands a Bone Dracelon to attack them. After it is defeated, he submits and gives Mardek the tome.

Mardek also meets Clavis here after he's tricked into putting himself into a jail cell.

Monster formations

Random (dungeon area only):


Treasures found

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