SOLAK is the God of Suns.


(from a book in the Aeropolis Library in MARDEK)

Deities: SOLAK
SOLAK is a Higher Creator Deity who used to be worshipped extensively across the world. He was thought to be responsible for every sunrise, so people prayed - even sacrificed - to him in order to bring the sun up the next day. Over time, people began to realise that the sun came up whether or not they prayed to SOLAK, and eventually most people lost the drive to worship to him at all. There just wasn't any point wasting their time. This has left SOLAK feeling rather disgruntled and unappreciated, it seems. At least there are a small group of devoted Solakians in the world to this day, who tend to follow strict lifestyle rules such as celibacy and isolation.


His priests on Belfan shave their heads in devotion. He is primarily based on Fengue, although Yalortism is gaining popularity there.

Temple Locations

  • Aeropolis Temple District - small temple
  • Western Fengue Desert - Sun Temple

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The Sun God

SOLAK is a 'minor' deity who specialises in making stars. His role is immensely important, but since he never interacts with sentients directly, he's simply taken for granted and usually ignored. Because of this, and despite his status as an 'happy sun god', he has a miserable, sulky temperament, tending to mumble and moan under his breath in a deep voice about how nobody appreciates him, how all the *young* gods get all the praise, etc, etc. He's not fun to pray to, that's for sure! His symbol is that of a generic stylised sun, and his followers, rare as they are, are called Solakians.

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