Raider: Episode 1 is the first episode in the Raider series of games created by Pseudolonewolf.



This takes place as an entry in the Ship's Log.

Arkus Zei, the main character, is on his ship. He had been to the Asteroid Inn recently, and there he was hassled by some people. They came over to socialise, and recognised him as a pirate, and they wanted to share tales. He told them of some of his better raids, and in return they told him of a rumour, which he was doubtful of its truth. They told him about a race that had been wiped out. They assured him that they had left behind many priceless relics, and they told him the coordinates of the place, which he thought would not happen, as he doubted their truthfulness. He expected them to laugh, but they stayed quite sombre, telling him that many have tried to raid this ship, but none have returned. He was very sceptical of this, but he needed money so he went to the ship, getting a signal shortly after saying that 'SAPPHIROS knows what will happen...', and boards the ship.

The Ship

This takes place on the ship, right at the entry point outside his ship.

Arkus then realises that it is not an ordinarily designed ship, and so he did not know where any treasure would be stored. He proceeds through the ship, and then fights a wraith of the Hindalarr, claiming to be guarding 'their greatest treasure, perhaps the greatest treasure of all...', but claims that 'if you are looking for material wealth you may be disappointed.', and proceeds to attack Arkus.

The Storage Room

This takes place in the room at the end of the level, after Arkus has destroyed the wraith.

Arkus proceeds to the next room, and sees a human in a storage tank which has been locked up there, and says that she is probably of no use to him. She then wakes up, asking 'Are you my saviour or my executioner?', and being told that it really depends on what she said next. She said that they imprisoned her because she broke some taboo law, and that they had experimented on her. She claims that she is the key to their greatest treasure, rather than the actual treasure, and says that if he would free her, she would take him to it. She tells Arkus that she is Echelle.


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Magic Trophy MagicTrophyRaider.png
A magical trophy, once owned by a wizard named Veneficus. He frequently lost it and asked adventurers to receive it for him.
How to Obtain
In room 6 the player must fall down the second hole, the first leading to a spike pit. They then must navigate a room. There is no way to get to the relic from underneath room 4a.
Wolf Blade WolfBladeRaider.png
A greatsword with a lupine motif, once wielded by the Grand Adventurer Social Fox of Belfan.
How to Obtain
At the top of room 17 the player must continue up the ladder off the top of the screen. There is another room there and the relic is obtainable after a series of complicated jumps.
Ortek Head OrtekHeadRaider.png
The severed head of a Cyber Ortek, one of the most ferocious and feared beings in the Astrostles Galaxy.
How to Obtain
The player must ride the platform in room 19 to the end. The platform will move down, off the screen, then back up, allowing the player to jump up into a secret room and grab a ladder. In this room, the Ortek head is in plain sight.
Golden Fig GoldenFigRaider.png
It's a fig. Made of gold.
How to Obtain
In room 21 the player must destroy the top three turrets, jump to the ladder on the left and climb up to the top of it. They must then hold left and jump to land in one of the holes the turrets were in. They will go into a room, at the top of this room they must shift-jump the ladders to get to it.

Enemies and hazards

Notice These aren't official names.


Droid.gif Droid
Movement Attacks How to Beat
Walks forwards
Turns when meeting edges
-1HP on contact 1 sword hit
3 blaster hits
Turret.gif Turret
Movement Attacks How to Beat
Does not move -1HP on contact
-1HP projectile
1 sword hit
3 blaster hits
Ghost.gif Ghost
Movement Attacks How to Beat
Fixed path -1HP on contact Invincible
Ceiling Turret.gif Ceiling Turret
Movement Attacks How to Beat
Moves sideways
Turns when meeting edges
-1HP on contact
-1HP projectile
1 sword hit
3 blaster hits
Hindalarr Skeleton.gif Skeleton
Movement Attacks How to Beat
Walks forwards
Turns when meeting edges
-1HP on contact 3 sword hits


SpikesRaider1.png Spikes
Movement Attacks How to Beat
Does not move Damages on contact:
  • -1HP on Beginner difficulty
  • -2HP on Intermediate difficulty
  • Instant death on Expert difficulty


Hindalarr Wraith.gif Wraith
Phase 1 (50-20HP)
  • Fires one electric orb (when in left or right corner)
  • Fires 8 electric orbs that spread out (when above you)
  • In Intermediate and Expert difficulties, electric orbs split into two shockwaves that travel along the walls/floor when they hit something
Phase 2 (20-0HP)
  • Moves along top of room, firing electric orbs downward
  • Stays at top of room and fires an electric orb while aiming at you (Does this 4 times)
  • Repeats attacks 1 and 2 from Phase 1 before going through Phase 2 attacks again
  • Being on the left after he aims 4 electric orbs at you will give you two chances to attack before he returns to flying along the top. Being on the right will only give you one.
  • Immune to sword, must use blaster.

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